Have you ever imagined an Land Fund? A place that caters to all of your religious and communal needs. A Community Center that provides:

  1. Genral Masjid Donation
  2. Zakaah Donation
  3. Dawah Donation
  4. Land Fund Donation

Well, Al-Ansar Center is about to make this legacy a reality and we need your help. Al-Ansar Center is under contract to purchase land, build a four story tall structure and invite our partners:

  1. Muslims Giving Back, providing relief services
  2. Muslim Chaplaincy Services of NY, providing community services
  3. GrassRoots Dawah, providing Islamic Outreach and Clarity services

To join us under one roof and to put our hands together in order to serve our community and humanity better. This structure will cater the community by providing:

  1. A spacious worship area for men and women
  2. Classrooms for lectures, classes and various activities
  3. Playground for children
  4. Indoor Mini Gym for men and women
  5. Indoor Multi-Purpose Court for sports, Martial arts, & Aerobics
  6. Gameroom for Table Tennis, Air Hockey and Billiards
  7. Industrial Kitchen
  8. Free Mobile Medical Clinic
  9. Funeral Washroom
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