To deliver Funeral Services, we collaborate very closely with our partners:

  1. Muslim Funeral Services
  2. The Janazah Project 

Muslims Funeral Services is not just any ordinary funeral service. It is by far:

  1. The best
  2. The most affordable and
  3. Most importantly, fully compliant to Islamic tradition

The founder and CEO of the Muslim Funeral Services is our very own and dear brother Noor Rabah whom is known in all communities to be a person of Deen and manners. Under his supervision, the following services are provided at one of the most trying times in our lives:

We can have these services nicely displayed in order. Here is the example of picture.

  1. Removal of the deceased from the place of death
    1. From Hospital
    2. From Home (Hospice)
  2. Transportation of the deceased from the place of death to the place of Ghusl (Ritual Washing)
    1. Funeral Home
    2. Any other known place of washing (ex: Masjid)
  3. Enshrouding of the deceased according to the Sunnah
  1. Janazah (Funeral) prayer
  2. Transporting the deceased to the cemetery
  3. Burial of the deceased according to the Sunnah
  4. Condoling the family

Please note that Muslim Funeral Services cares for the deceased brothers and sisters and provides a bio-seal method of preserving the body of the deceased for transporting it oversees. Deceased brothers and sisters’ bodies are shipped without cutting, draining, puncturing and violating the body, we use this technology.

Please refer to the following flier for details.

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