Al-Ansar Center is proud to provide you this service at your fingertips. Being a Masjid and a Community Center, we are dedicated in providing all Muslims in our area and abroad Islamic and community services. With this App you will have access to:

  • Keep up-to-date with Your Masjid and Community Center
  • Iqaamah and Jamaa'ah Times
  • Instant Messages from the Masjid
  • Daily & Weekly Classes
  • Monthly Family Night Program
  • Yearly Events with Special Scholarly Guests 
  • Directly access our LiveStream events
  • Directly access our YouTube and Facebook pages
  • Directly access our partners and allies and support them
  • One click to Donating, Sharing our App and Directions to the Masjid

Ansar App is free to download for Android and Apple

Our Mobile Apps


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