Tafseer - Lesson 7

1. Last time we talked about the attributes of the hypocrites as Allaah told us that they lie. Allaah voncluded the previous Aayah by saying: And for them is a painful punishment because they used to perpetually lie.

2. Up until now, we have learned a number of things about the hypocrites: a. They have double agendas, and it all depends upon the circumstances and situation, so always remain in the middle, never taking any side. b. Their loyalty is built upon worldly interests not for Allaah and His messenger. c. Their hearts and tongues don't match or coordinate. They claim belief while at heart thwy disbelieve. d. They are deceivers while playing the believers with their words and claiming to be in the rows of the believers. They claim loyalty to Islam while at heart they are the enemies, as they will stab the believers on their backs. e. Last but not least, they perpetually lie. Meaning, they don't cease from lying.

3. The prophet told us in Bukhari and Muslim, that the signs of a hypocrite are three: a. When he speaks, he lies b. When he promises, he breaks c. When he is entrusted, he breaks the trust Understand that if any of these attributes and those mentioned before are present in a person, it means that he has traces of Nifaaq (hypocricy) in him. However, it does not make them a disbeliever like the ones Allaah is talking about here. These hyporites disbelieved in Allaah and His messenger at heart while claiming belief with their tongues.

4. Talking about lying, the prophet told us that it is enough for a person to be a liar, that he passes everything he hears (without confirming its truthfulness). Today, in the age of facebook and youtube, we are seeing this much more than ever before as false news is being passed at the blink of a eye. People blame this or that without giving it a second thought. With so many conspiracies and propaganda, the matters have become very doubtful and confusing. So we should hold our horses before jumping to conclusions about anything, let alone baing hasty and passing on the info.

5. Now a days, lying has taken many forms and we should try our best to stay away from as much of it as possible: a. Lying about Allaah and His messenger, and this is the most dangerous and ugly. People say, Allaah said this in the Quran, and it is no where to be found in the Quran. People ascribe actions and statements to the prophet when he never mentioned them. b. Lying about your belief such as these hypocrites. c. Lying about people to the people in order to cause division and chaos and corruption d. Lying to make people laugh. The prophet said about such a person, woe to him, woe to him, because such a person becomes numb and accustomed to the seriousness of lying. Furthermore, he causes the people to take lying as a small thing, as he makes them laugh. So people also take lying lightly. e. Lying about someone while exaggerating in their status. f. Lying in business or sale in order to make bigger profits and gains and to swallow people's money. g. Lying to children in order to get them to do something. This is very counter productive because the children will not trust you anymore and you are teaching them the art of lying and deceiving. Next time they lie, you should not blame them, rather know that they learned it from you. h. Lying in courts, also known as false testimony

6. Finally, lying is allowed in three instances and in three only: a. In war, trickey and deception is allowed against the enemy b. Reconciling between two people. One is allowed to make up good information in order to reconcile between two people c. Lying of the spouses to each other. Before I continue to explain this, as it needs some explanation, let me mention the Hadeeth of the prophet, wherein he mentioned about the issue of permissibility of lying in the aforementioned instances. The prophet said as recorded in Bukhari and Muslim, He is not a liar who makes up and fabricates some information in order to reconcile between the people. As for the explanation, understand that the lying that is allowed is that which will prevent a greater harm and bring about reconcilliation between the people or husband/ wife. This does not at all give permission for anyone to lie especially if such lies will lead to greater problems. So if the husband is some where and he is not disobeying Allaah while he knows that if my wife knew about this, it would cause tensions between him and her, then he is allowed to lie in this regards just to do away with the harm, but he should avoid being in such situation lest that it becomes a habit to lie. Also, if the wife talks to her mother and she has full right to keep good relations with her family members, and her family is not intervening or having a bad influence in the life between her and her husband, but she feels that the husband does not like me talking with my mother, so she is allowed to lie to him in that regards, but she should try to resolve this issue in a just and wise manner so she does not have to lie all the times. So the benefit must outweigh the harm. When it cones to other issues where it may be a matter of life and death or tremendous amount of harm, then the person should always contact the people of Islamic knowlwdge to seek proper guidance because every person's situation is different.

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