• Imam Hamid H. Raza
  • Imam
  • 2230 Bath Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11214
  • (347) 702-9580
  • imam@ansarcenter.com

Our Imam

Imam Hamid H. Raza came to USA in May 1997 at the age of 11. He went through Junior High School at Joseph B. Cavallaro, IS 281 and then went to John Dewey High School to complete his High School education in the year 2000. He completed his High School education within three and half years graduating in 2003 with a High School Diploma. In 2004, he enrolled at TCI, College of Technology to complete his college education and graduated with “Magna Cum Laude” Honors in April 2006 with a GPA of 3.78 leading to an Associate’s Degree in Computer Networking. He followed that by seeking certifications in computer hardware and software repair as well as networking. Then, he enrolled in Medgar Evers College to pursue Bachelors in Computer Information Systems alongside his part time work at Cablevision Optimum Store as a logistics manager.

His religious education began at the hands of his first teacher Ustadh Shakiel Humayun in 2005-2006 through pubic seminars in New York on various topics including; Benefits and Lessons from Surah Yusuf, Belief in Al-Qadar, Preservation of Al-Qur’an, Allah’s Names Explained, Words of Salah Explained, Tawheed-ul-Uluhiyah, Shirk and Kufr, Fiqh on Touching the Qur’an, Salah in Travel, Da`wah Principles, Manners and Fiqh Maxims.

Upon successful completion, Imam Raza received Certificates of Achievement and Outstanding Accomplishment. Soon after, he enrolled in the then newly founded Foundation for Knowledge and Development (FKAD) institute and learned Arabic and Usool-ul-Fiqh (Evidences of Islam) from Ustadh Shakiel Humayun. Following his successful completion of the intensive one-year intermediate Arabic, Imam Raza was honored to serve as an instructor of intermediate Arabic at the FKAD for about one year.

Currently, Imam Raza is enrolled in Minnesota based Mishkah University online in USA seeking Bachelors Degree in Arabic and Islamic Studies. He also continues seeking further knowledge of Arabic from the International Institute for Classical Arabic Language and Quranic Sciences (IIC Arabic & Qur’an), Egypt online with Ustadh Muhammad Mustafa since 2011. Also, since 2011, Imaam Raza has been a consistent student of Shaikh Yusuf Qoblan, Amman, Jordan, seeking his Ijaazah and Sanad in the recitation of Hafs from the way of Shatibiyyah. Currently he holds an Ijaazah in Tajweed from Markaz-ul-Furqan, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia through Shaikh Ahmed Husein. In 2008, Imam Raza was chosen by the community to serve as an Imam at Al-Ansar Center. He began his service as a volunteer and currently he is serving as an Imam and Khateeb. Aside from being an Imam and Khateeb at Al-Ansar Center, he is a great teacher, advisor, friend, husband, father, and sometimes a comedian as well. He loves engaging in conversation with children, youth and adults about religious as well as secular topics.

His aim is to leave behind a legacy for the benefit of all humanity through seeking knowledge and education. He strives to keep Al-Ansar Center a friendly and accepting place for all people to enter and share the goodness they harbor within their hearts.

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