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مسجد الأنصار


Athan -
4:12 AM
Iqamah -
4:37 AM


Athan -
1:02 PM
Iqamah -
1:30 PM


Athan -
4:59 PM
Iqamah -
5:14 PM


Athan -
8:20 PM
Iqamah -
8:30 PM


Athan -
9:52 PM
Iqamah -
10:07 PM

New Center, Same Intentions.

From the very beginning, Ansar Center has stood to spread the knowledge of Islam, educate the community and most importantly, seek the pleasure of our Lord Allah ﷻ. In the past couple of months, we have renovated Ansar to improve the experience of worshippers. The prayer areas have been renovated to be more spacious and comfortable, and the wudu areas have been renovated to be more hygienic and accessible. We believe that these renovations will make it easier for our community to worship and learn about Islam. We believe that these renovations will make Ansar a more welcoming and comfortable place for worship and learning. We are thankful first and foremost to Allah ﷻ for permitting us to take upon this action in renovating this Masjid and we are also thankful to the community for their continuous support in forms of donation, volunteering and endless dua (prayers).
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As we scale up Ansar, we will, by the grace and permission of Allah ﷻ, we will start many programs and classes. In order to stay ahead of our events, fill out this form to stay on top of it
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